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MECH Portal

HKU portal 


MECH workspace

This is for Mech. Staff ONLY. Login has to be implemented in campus network, otherwise, please login via HKUVPN first.


Internal guidelines, checklist and policy




Seminar rooms & meeting rooms booking system
This is for viewing the available time slot of HW7-31D, 7-32, 7-34, 7-35 only. 
Please contact General Office to place booking for you if you found any trouble in the booking. Please see the user guide in this ITS website


Moodle page on admin & safety issue and departmental share facilities for Research staff and research student.

For visitors without HKU portal account, please contact Dr Celine Sun for login. 

Moodle page on admin & safety issue for TPG.

MECH User Management System MUMS

MUMS is only for HKU members with HKU portal account within HKU main campus network. 

Moodle page on procurement & reimbursement policy  


You can download Department logo Zoom background here

3D Printing Job Registration Form:

Appointment Form:

Fieldtrip Record Form:

ME Loan Form:

Non-ME Loan Form:

PC&Mon Loan Form:

Short-term Loan Form:

OT Record Form:

Safety Awareness Declaration Form:

Smart Card Access Application Form:

Smart Card Access (Group Users) Application Form:

Temporary Card Application Form:

Declaration form for COBLG109 hot-desking office:

Report Summary for Inhouse Safety Inspection:

Safety regulation posters for laboratories and workshops:

Regulation for staff/student offices:

Guideline to the applicant on online application for door access:

Guideline to the supervisor of the applicant for online approval of door access application:

Guideline to Staff-in-charge (SIC) of the laboratory for online approval of door access application:

FujiXerox Copier Installation Guide: FujiXerox-Copier

Ricoh Copier Driver for Windows download from:

Ricoh Copier Installtaion Guide: Ricoh Copier Installation

Guest account login instructions for MUMS:

Floor plan of Haking Wong Building and Composite Building and Yam Pak Building (2023 Oct):



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