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Internal guidelines / checklists / templates of the department

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Technical Staff

For All Staffs:

3D Printing Job Registration Form


Inventory Administration

Notes for new comers to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Practise of Reimbursement application

Safety Awareness Declaration Form

Service in 3D Printing Plant

Leave Application & OT Leave Compensation

OT Record Form

Report Summary for Inhouse Safety Inspection

Appointment Form

Fieldtrip Record Form

Licensed software

Notes on Staff/Student Card and Door Access System

Regulation for staff/student offices

Safety Induction

Smart Card Access Applicaton Form

ME Loan Form

PC&Mon Loan Form

Short-term Loan Form

Bi-annual Reminder to all staff

Handling of unclaimed mails

List of loan items for ME users

Personal Data Protection

Safety Arrangement

Safety regulation posters for laboratories and workshop

Guildeline of laboratory class and Engineering Trainining

Non-ME Loan Form

Quarterly reminder of recurrent duties/responsibilities for technical staff

Small Machining Team

3D Printing Job Registration Form:

Appointment Form:

Fieldtrip Record Form:

ME Loan Form:

Non-ME Loan Form:

PC&Mon Loan Form:

Short-term Loan Form:

OT Record Form:

Report Summary for Inhouse Safety Inspection:

Safety Awareness Declaration Form:

Smart Card Access Application Form:

Smart Card Access (Group Users) Application Form: SmartCardAccessGroupForm.pdf

Safety regulation posters for laboratories and workshops:

Regulation for staff/student offices:

Guideline to the applicant on online application for door access:

Guideline to the supervisor of the applicant for online approval of door access application:

Guideline to Staff-in-charge (SIC) of the laboratory for online approval of door access application:

FujiXerox Copier Installation Guide: FujiXerox-Copier

Ricoh Copier Driver for Windows download from:

Ricoh Copier Installtaion Guide: Ricoh Copier Installation

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