Internal guidelines / checklists / templates of the department


For All Staffs:

3D Printing Job Registration Form


Licensed software

Personal Data Protection

Safety Awareness Declaration Form

Smart Card Access Applicaton Form

ME Loan Form

PC&Mon Loan Form

Short-term Loan Form

Appointment Form

Fieldtrip Record Form

List of loan items for ME users

Practise of Reimbursement application

Safety Induction

Guildeline of laboratory class and Engineering Trainining

Non-ME Loan Form

Quarterly reminder of recurrent duties/responsibilities for technical staff

Small Machining Team

Bi-annual Reminder to all staff

Inventory Administration

Notes for new comers to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

Safety Arrangement

Service in 3D Printing Plant

Leave Application & OT Leave Compensation

OT Record Form

Report Summary for Inhouse Safety Inspection

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