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From      : Dr. S.W.K. Chan, Engineering Manager

To           : All Staff and Student

Re          : Notes on Staff/Student Card and Door Access System

URL        :

  1. If your staff card is lost, please contact Human Resource of HKU.

  2. If your student card is lost, please submit the application for replacement of Student Registration Card online via HKU Portal -> SIS Menu-> Self Services-> Report Lost/ Damaged Card.

  3. Department manages a Door Access System which is for controlling the doors of our department premise ONLY. It is a separate system from other systems in HKU.

  4. “User account” is set up for each user/student in the Door Access system. This account contains the card ID of your card and all the access right information. Technical staff supporting your project supervisor should set up the new account for RPGs, Research staff and . General Office staff will ONLY set up “User account” for UGs and TPGs.

  5. If your card is changed, the HKU system will NOT communicate with our Door access system for any update. Please find the technical staff in charge of your supervisor. He/she will update the card ID in “User account”.

  6. Normally, “User account” of RPG is expired two years after the account is created. Please find the technical staff supporting your supervisor to renew the “User account” for another two years.

  7. Normally, “User account” of research staff and post-doc is expired according to their employment contract. Please find the technical staff supporting your supervisor to renew the “User account” according to the new employment contract.

  8. Upon renewal of “User account” in 6 & 7, the setting of accessing different doors will not be changed because all the access right information is not changed.

  9. As a safety concern, technical staff have the right to ask you to submit the Safety Awareness Declaration form and Smart Card Access Application form again before renewal of “User account” in 6 & 7.

  10. Normally, tenant of the staff/student offices (HW2-1, HW2-1, COBLG113, COBLG114) can get the access right automatically. If the access by your card failed suddenly, your card may be expired please find the solution in 6 & 7. But if you just newly get your office cubicle, please find General Office staff, Mr. Keith Lo and Ms Cobe Chong to set it up.

  11. Please fill up these two forms for door access right application of laboratory

       Safety Awareness Declaration Form:

       Smart Card Access Application Form:

       Staff and Students should read the important notes in these forms and the safety regulation carefully before submitting         these forms.

12. Access right to computing laboratory are automatically grant to UGs (yr3+), TPG, RPG and research staff because the              safety issue is relatively insignificant. If you are in these user group the access right of these user group fails, please           

      contact technical staff, Mr KW Lee and Ms Samantha Tsang for help. Users outside these group should get the right                from Dr Scott Chan.

13. As mentioned in 3. above, Department cannot control the access of Research Student Center and HKU library, which are

      not the premise of our department.

14. Temporary card can be acquired from General Office. You need to pay $100 deposit for temporary card.



Created and revised in May 2021.

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