Re      :  Notes for new comers to the Department of Mechanical Engineering

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1. Report for duty

Visitor: Please report duty to Mr. Keith Lo in Room 7-17, 7/F, Haking Wong Building and fill in and return the attached form on the date of arrival.

Rpg: Please report duty to Ms. Wendy Lam in Room 7-17, 7/F, Haking Wong Building.

2. Emergency


Please call HKU 24-hour Security Control Centre at 3917 2882 or dial 999 direct to the police followed by calling the Security Control Centre. To call an external number from a HKU telephone set, 9 should be dialed first.



3. Safety Policy of HKU
If you are newly arrived RPG students, please read "A Guide to Safety Declaration for Research Higher Degree" in 



4. General arrangement of Safety and Health issues of the Mechanical Engineering Department:
If you want to obtain access to a laboratory, please read the section on "Lab Safety Awareness Declaration" in Lab Safety Awareness Declaration.   



5. Fire Safety Floor Plan and Lavatory Location


Floor plans indicating the fire escape routes and locations of fire services such as hose reels, breakglass units, alarms bells, exit signs, etc., can be viewed at for Haking Wong Building for Composite Building for Yam Pak Building, and for other buildings



6. Policies and Guidelines of Information Technology Services of HKU


All staff and students are required to abide by the policies and regulations in using the University's computer and network facilities and services: 
All University staff members are required to declare their agreement to the Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) compliance requirements once a year to confirm they understand and comply with the requirements. Please refer to 



7. Collection of mails / Handling of unclaimed mails


Your mails can be collected from the designated pigeon hole located in Room 7-17, 7/F, Haking Wong Building. Please check it not less than once a month and avoid using Department address as your correspondence address whenever possible. Please note the departmental policy in handling unclaimed mails at



8. Staff card


Staff card will be issued by the Human Resources Unit on the 10/F of the Knowles Building. Please go there on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.

Campus Map



9. University Catering Services


On campus, there are fast food restaurants and cafes at convenient locations that offer a wide range of food for your selection:



10. Medical Services


Medical services are provided to eligible members of the University by the University Health Service:



11. Centre for students


The Centre of Development and Resources for Students offers a variety of information and services for students:



Revised in Aug 2019.