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The Department offers three taught postgraduate curricula leading to the degrees of MSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering (ME), MSc(Eng) in Building Services Engineering (BSE) and MSc in Energy Engineering (EnergyE).

The aim of the ME curriculum is to provide advanced postgraduate education in the fields of energy and power; environmental engineering; material technology; theoretical mechanics; marine and offshore engineering; and computer aided design and manufacturing to graduates in engineering or related science.

The BSE curriculum provides advanced education in the fields of design, management and operation of modern building services engineering systems to practising engineers or related professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge and keep abreast of technical developments in the building services industry. The curriculum is jointly organized by the ME and the EEE departments. 

The BSE curriculum is one of the programmes in the Target Taught Postgraduate Programmes Fellowship Scheme for 2022/23 intake. A subsidy of HK$120,000 is provided for eligible candidates. For details, please refer to the scheme.

The EnergyE curriculum is jointly organized by the EEE and the ME departments both of which are in the forefront as regards research and consultancy in the areas of energy engineering.

All the taught postgraduate curricula offer both part-time and full-time modes of study. For the part-time mode of study, the curriculum shall take not less than two and not more than three academic years of study. For the full-time mode of study, the curriculum shall extend over not less than one and not more than two academic years of study.

For ME and BSE curricula, candidates are required to complete 72 credits of courses as set out below, normally over one academic year of full-time study or two academic years of part-time study:

Discipline Courses

Not less than 30 credits

Elective Courses

Not more than 18 credits

Capstone Experience*

24 credits

Candidates shall select courses in accordance with the regulations of the degree. Candidates must complete 8 courses, including at least 3 courses from List A, and a dissertation.   They may select no more than 3 courses offered by other taught postgraduate curricula in the Faculty of Engineering as electives. All course selection will be subject to approval by the Course Coordinators.

Dr. Ko M.W.L

+(852) 3917 2123

MSc(Eng) in Mechanical Engineering

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MSc(Eng) in Building Services Engineering

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Dr. Ho B.P.L.

+(852) 3917 8553

Dr. Chan P.K.L.

+(852) 3917 2634

MSc(Eng) in Energy Engineering

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