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About Us

Over the last 50 years, the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Hong Kong has been nurturing talents and leaders in a great variety of industries including utility services, building services, manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and environmental consultant services, both locally and regionally. Our curriculum is structured in response to technological advances in the field and societal needs. 

Since early times mechanical engineers have been responsible for the creation of complex structures and machines, such as ships, airplanes, cars, machine tools and heat engines. Over the past few decades, the accelerated growth in scientific knowledge and technology has brought about a significant change in mechanical engineering both in its education and practice as a profession.

For instance, with the rapid advances in computer technology, mechanical engineers are now extensively using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) methods to design and manufacture engineering components. Using CAD, engineers are now able to evaluate the appearance of a product as well as its functional performance prior to its actual production. Product manufacturing is also facilitated by using CAD information directly to control CAM equipment such as computer numerical control machines, robots, rapid prototyping machines and automatic guided material handling systems. It is difficult to comprehend the full scope of modern mechanical engineering practices upon which many other engineering disciplines are so dependent. This is especially so in Hong Kong where rapid developments in various industrial sectors are taking place. Young mechanical engineering graduates quickly find themselves taking full responsibility for the design and execution of large projects. To keep pace with such conditions, our mechanical engineering degree curriculum is structured to bring students quickly to the frontier of knowledge in a wide range of fascinating fields. Analytical techniques are taught together with their importance and limitations in real world engineering problems. Our graduates are also imparted with an awareness of the impact of engineering developments on society, professional ethics and the ability to communicate and cooperate with multi-disciplinary personnel. We strive to equip students to lead and excel in the industry.

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