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Our Department

Prof. M.X. Huang.png

Prof. Mingxin Huang (2023 - Present)

Past Department Head

Mr. W. Smith

(1961 - 1966)

Professor H.C.H. Gurney

(1966 -1973)

Professor E.A. Bruges

(1973 -1982)

Professor C.L. Chow

(1982 - 1990)

Professor N.W.M. Ko

(1990 - 1991)

Professor A.T.Y. Chwang

(1991 - 1999)

Professor B.J. Duggan

(2000 - 2002)

Professor S.T. Tan

(2002 - 2011)

Professor Y. Li

(2011 - 2017)

Professor A.H.W. Ngan

(2017 - 2020)

Professor D.Y.C. Leung

(2020 - 2023)

Welcome to the Department of Mechanical Engineering! We are one of the oldest but energetic departments in the Faculty of Engineering. We pride ourselves as being one of the first academic disciplines of HKU. Over the years, HKU Mechanical Engineering graduates have been making impacts in Hong Kong in many different areas. We have trained generations of professional engineers who have helped build the infrastructure of Hong Kong during the past century, highly successful entrepreneurs who have shaped Hong Kong’s industry, political leaders and government officials who have served and influenced our society in many great ways, and academic leaders who are now occupying high seats in academia. At HKU Mechanical Engineering, we aim to train engineering leaders, not just engineering professionals.

We are particularly proud of our commitment to and success in advancing the knowledge boundaries of mechanical engineering. Our research programmes are benchmarked against the highest standards in the world. We have a pool of young and experienced professors, with notable strengths in the areas of control theory, advanced structural and functional materials, air pollution and built environments, energy conversion systems, bioengineering, robotics, fluid flow, computational mechanics, and more. Our students have engaged in many local and international competitions and received many awards and honours.

I welcome you to explore our curriculum, research expertise and student activities in this website, and to join us as students and staff. To be innovative is at our heart in terms of both education and research, and we particularly welcome international and industrial collaboration.

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