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From  : Professor D.Y.C. Leung, Head of Department

To       : All Teaching, Administrative/clerical and Technical Staff

             RPG students and PDF/RA

Re      :  Bi-annual Reminder for Computing, Safety, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Information Security, Personal Data Protection, Photocopying, Reimbursement, Initiation of appointment and internal guidelines.

URL    : /biannualreminder

This email is sent bi-annually to remind you guidelines/regulations on Computing, Safety, Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Information Security, Personal Data Protection, Photocopying, Reimbursement, Initiation of appointment and internal guidelines.


Using computers and network facilities has become an essential part of our job. It is important that we use them in a safe way to avoid potential problems. The following links provide the Department’s guidelines and University’s policies & guidelines for use of computing facilities: ,



The Department is devoted to the improvement and maintenance of safety and occupational hygiene standards for all staff, students, visitors, etc. A comprehensive set of Safety Regulations and Guidelines is drawn up for your information. Please get yourself familiarized to these Regulations and Guidelines, in particular to those applicable to your work and/or studies.



We are facing more Information Security risks than we had. To secure the sensitive information, ITS is putting a key focus on strengthening the information security for the entire University (see 



Staff members are reminded of the importance of personal data protection and the rising public expectation on the matter.  For more information, please refer to the link at which covers the important aspects on personal data protection.


Both staff and students are reminded of the Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2000 which provided that a person will commit a criminal offence if s/he possesses infringing copies of copyright works in the course of his/her trade or business, even though s/he does not sell or deal in the infringing copies. For details, please see


Copyright issue is always a concern of the University and the Department is urged to draw staff’s attention to on proper acknowledgment of the source and Guidelines for Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments. The latter can be accessed through



Petty Cash reimbursement is applicable to any single purchase/ receipt with the amount not exceeding HK$800. All petty cash claimants should read the Guidelines for Petty Cash Reimbursement in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 carefully and follow the instructions accordingly.


REIMBUREMENT – Forms or i-Expense Module

For any single purchase/ receipt with the amount exceeding HK$800 or official entertainment expenses, claimants must reimburse in claim forms (for students) or in i-Expense Module (for staff). Students may download the forms in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 and submit to our General Office. Staff may access the i-Expense Module through your own HKU portal account.

REIMBUREMENT – Equipment/ inventory items

Both Staff and students should reimburse equipment/ inventory items in claim form [Payment/Reimbursement (Except Overseas Travelling Expenses)] and submit it to our General Office for processing. The claimant may download this form in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 or FEO intranet Homepage.



Staff should make use of the Appointment Form ( initiation of a personnel appointment. As our Faculty takes 2 to 3 weeks to process the faculty approval for a senior post, FEO and HR take another month time for the issue of appointment letter, please plan ahead for initiating a new appointment / renewal.



In response to various complaints, inspections and audits from administrative/service units of the University, the department has established a number of internal guidelines/procedures including the aforementioned ones. To enable staff to access them more readily, they have been gathered at




Last revised in Apr 2020.

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