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A Small Machining Team (SMCT) has been formed to provide technical support to teaching staff on minor machining and fabrication works arising for various student, research and KE projects.

The team members are Felix Chan(, TF Lee, KH Sam and YC Tam ( To request the service, pls contact the coordinator Dr. Scott Chan at 3917 8983 or email


Tentatively, each teaching staff is entitled to use up to 30 man-hours per year (from 1 Sept to 30 Aug). The academic supervisor request the service will need to provide (or pay for) the needed raw materials and special tools (such as special cutting tools or consumables). Mr. Tam will record the spelt man-hours accordingly using the Machining Work Record Form (


The creation of this team does not preclude you from requesting the technical staff assigned to your labs to carry out your own minor machining and fabrication works, provided he has received the related training.


To raise a work request to SMCT, a Machining Work Request Form ( should be duly completed. All the parts to be machined/fabricated is required to be depicted in the standard drawing box with the signature of the requester. The standard drawing box in AutoCAD & Solidwork format can be downloaded from Here. Requester is recommended to discuss with the technical staff about the feasibility of the work before submitting the work request form.



Last updated in July 2017

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