Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung's Research Group

Position of research associate/research assistant/intern is available at Professor Dennis Y.C. Leung's research group. The job duties include the research in diversified areas including photocatalysis for hydrogen generation, degradation of water and air pollutants, microfluidic fuel cells and metal air batteries.

A bachelor degree or above in related discipline is required. Preference will be made to those with relevant research/practical experience. Good command of written and spoken English is an added advantage.

 Interested candidates should send their CV to Professor Dennis Leung for consideration.

Prof. Dennis Y.C. Leung

(+852) 3917 7911

Research Associate

Prof. K.W. Chow's Research Group

Theoretical and Computational Modeling of Wave Propagation: Solitons and Rogue Waves

A research assistant is needed in the efforts to understand the dynamics and propagation of nonlinear waves in Nature and engineering systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on solitons and rogue waves. Analytical schemes will be employed to study the generation and instability mechanisms. Computational modeling will further enhance the knowledge on the likelihood of emergence of these localized modes and extreme events. Such information will be applied to the physics of oceanic hydrodynamics and optical fiber systems.

Candidates should possess a bachelor or master degree in engineering or physical science with strong quantitative background.

Post-doctoral fellowship or visiting appointment of a short duration for established scientists will also be considered.

Prof. K. W. Chow

(+852) 3917 2641

Dr. K.W. Kwok's Research Group

Position of research associate (RA) is available at Dr. K.W. Kwok's research group. The job duties include leading a design team on product development, selection of materials and manufacturing process of new medical device products to cater the business needs; to define the products and services requirements from the product development testing stage to the product delivery stage, based on the results of the feasibility studies. The candidate is expected to be familiar with plastic mold design, Solid Works, Pro-E, AutoCAD product design, and 3-D printer process.

A higher diploma degree or above in related discipline, with at least 8 years’ relevant experience is required. Good command of written and spoken English, and spoken Mandarin are necessary. Experience in medical device would be an advantage.

Interested candidates should send their CV to Dr. K.W. Kwok for consideration.

Dr. K.W. Kwok

(+852) 3917 2636

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