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New staff - Professor Yang Lu

Prof. Yang Lu recently joined the University of Hong Kong as a "HKU-100 Scholar" Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He received his BS degree in Physics from Nanjing University and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rice University, and did his postdoctoral research in the Nanomechanics Lab at MIT. Previously, he worked at City University of Hong Kong since 2012 as an Assistant Professor, and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2017 and full Professor in 2021. Prof. Lu’s research focuses on experimental nanomechanics and nanomanufacturing, with recent interests in elastic strain engineering of low-dimensional (1D/2D) materials and mechanical metamaterials. He made major contributions to the discoveries of "cold welding" of metallic nanowires and "ultralarge elasticity" in nanoscale silicon and diamond, and published more than 150 research papers in leading academic journals including Science and Nature Nanotechnology. He serves as Associate Editor for Materials Today since 2017, and editorial board member for National Science Review, International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, Functional Diamond, Science China Technological Sciences, and Acta Mechanica Sinica. Prof. Lu is a recipient of Hong Kong UGC Early Career Award 2013/14, the inaugural NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (Hong Kong and Macau) 2019, and the RGC Research Fellow scheme (RFS) 2020/21. He is an elected member of the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences (YASHK) in 2022.

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