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IMechE The Greater China Design Competition

On 27 March 2021, IMechE team led by Dr. C.K. Chan participated the Greater China Design Competition 2021. This competition was held by the IMechE (HK). Teams came from Hong Kong and Mainland China took this chance to exchange their design idea and learn from each other.

In the competition, teams are required to design a climbing robot of which can be used for removing two light bulbs from a 2m height light pole automatically. Due to the convin-19 pandemic, the competition was held online in HKU. The competition consisted of two parts, presentation and prototype demonstration. Our team got the highest score in the presentation part. The two steps light pole was a big challenge to all the teams. After a fiery game, none of the teams could complete the mission within the time limit. By the end, our team got the winner award for the presentation.

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