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HKU DBF Team 2023 won Super Good Job Project Award at the 7th Engineering InnoShow, HKU

Organised by Innovation Academy, the Engineering InnoShow was scheduled to be held at the end of each semester, where students can showcase their innovative projects and achievements to their peers and the public as a way of knowledge exchange and giving back to society.

The seventh Engineering InnoShow "Let your Dreams Fly​" showcased a number of innovative Engineering student projects at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing on Nov 30, 2022, where engineering students demonstrate their projects to the judges.

A total of 30 innovative student projects from 5 departments and InnoHub members were showcased at the event, five student teams were selected as the winner of the InnoShow Award and one student team was selected as the winner of the Super Good Job Project Award. The InnoShow Award was selected by a professional judging team and is aimed to encourage students to develop an innovative mindset in tackling engineering and social problems, and to support outstanding ideas to join international design competitions. The Dean’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund will appropriate an amount of HK$100K to support a maximum of five student teams that participated in the InnoShow to take part in international design competitions. Super Good Job Project Award was selected by voting by all participants.

HKU Design, Build & Fly Team

HKU Design, Build & Fly (DBF) Team is formed by undergraduate students of the University of Hong Kong. The team was developed by 12 Final-year Mechanical Engineering students and over 15 junior students. There are 2 sub-teams in the DBF team which will join the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly Competition and the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) University and Schools Payload Challenge each year separately. Last year, Champion and 1st runner-up awards were taken by the DBF teams in the BMFA competition. In 2019, the best result of the Hong Kong teams was established by the HKU DBF Team, ranking 13th among the 104 eligible teams participating in the AIAA competition. It was the first rank among teams from East Asia.

Supervised by the Faculty Supervisor, Dr. C.K. Chan in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the DBF team is strongly supported by the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing under the Faculty of Engineering. Due to the regulations of the AIAA and BMFA, an expert in flying and constructing a RC model aircraft is also necessary for the team. The team separates into sub-teams which responsible for different main parameters of an aircraft, such as fuselage, wing, empennage, and internal mechanisms.

Super Good Job Project Award of 7th Engineering InnoShow

During the InnoShow, the DBF team demonstrated a Radio-controlled (RC) Flight Simulator with a Virtual reality (VR) device and a “Basketball” drone. The RC flight simulator provided an interesting and realistic experience for the visitors to control a RC aircraft and simulate it in various conditions under the guidance of the Team.

This simulator was often used for practicing the controls before flying an actual RC plane by the Team in real life. Furthermore, the “Basketball” drone provided a first-hand experience of controlling a rotary UAV in a safe environment for us to train our piloting skills. Visitors can try to control the “Basketball” drone into the basket to get scores that day which was challenging and exciting.

Moreover, the DBF team introduced new design, material, and mechanism for competitions in 2023. By using the controller, visitors can have a better understanding of the aircraft essential components and the function of those components. For instance, how the control surfaces such as ailerons, elevators and rudders affect the aircraft motions.

The DBF team won the most votes from participants as the Best Project in the 7th Inno Show and was awarded the Super “GOOD JOB!” Project Award.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr CK Chan

Moderator: Dr Match WL Ko

Team B01 Project Leader: Hui Shing Wai (ME)

Team B01 members: Chan Ting Sum (ME), Kwan Cheuk Chi (ME), Lau Ka Kit (ME), Soo Hau Yin (ME) , Wong Yui (ME).

Team B02 Project Leader: Law Tsun Hei (ME)

Team B02 members: Kwok Wai Lam (ME), Cheng Kai Kwong (ME), Lu Tse Hau (ME), Liu Wai Ching (ME) , LU Meichai (ME).

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