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BREED HKU won the InnoShow award at the 8th Engineering InnoShow, HKU

Organised by Innovation Academy, the Engineering InnoShow was scheduled to be held at the end of each semester, where students can showcase their innovative projects and achievements to their peers and the public as a way of knowledge exchange and giving back to society.

The eighth Engineering InnoShow "Together, we innovate!" showcased a number of innovative Engineering student projects at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing on April 28, 2023, where engineering students demonstrate their projects to the judges.

A total of 28 innovative student projects from 5 departments and InnoHub members were showcased at the event, five student teams were selected as the winner of the InnoShow Award and one student team was selected as the winner of the Super Good Job Project Award. The InnoShow Award was selected by a professional judging team and is aimed to encourage students to develop an innovative mindset in tackling engineering and social problems, and to support outstanding ideas to join international design competitions. The Dean’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund will appropriate an amount of HK$100K to support a maximum of five student teams that participated in the InnoShow to take part in international design competitions. Super Good Job Project Award was selected by voting by all participants.

BREED HKU: Agile Robotic Fish with 3D Manoeuvrability for Open Water Swim

BREED HKU is an interdisciplinary student-led group hosted by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, commited to developing and promoting bio-inspired technology. flagship VAYU project – the world’s fastest robotic fish – and their upcoming initiatives such as their robotic dog aim to educate and enhance awareness in the general student body. Using designs perfected by millions of years of natural evolution, they adapt selected features into increasing the effectiveness of man-made robots.

Thanks to its previous advancements in speed and current maneuverability, the current robotic fish model offers promising practical applications in open seas and represents a significant leap forward in agile robotic fish technology. In addition to improved maneuverability for navigating real-world terrains, the robotic fish boasts enhanced waterproofing techniques, a heat dissipation system, and better controllability. The team is currently exploring the latest fish model's potential in several areas, including underwater agriculture, studying coral reefs and aquatic life, search and rescue, underwater surveillance, monitoring water quality, and maintaining marine infrastructure.

BREED HKU expresses deep gratitude to the Innovation Wing and the Faculty of Engineering for their support. The team aims to establish a hub in the Innovation Wing, where this development can take root in the local community, raising awareness and interest while promoting scientific innovation. This goal will be achieved through outreach projects, educational initiatives, and the continuation of various bio-inspired initiatives under BREED.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr. Zhang, Fu

Project Leader: Wong Kwan Yiu Ingrid, BEng(EE); Chung Ka Lok, Oscar, BEng(CE); Nafis ul Islam BEng(CompSc)

Team members: Lam Cheuk Yin Bryan, BEng(CivE); Chan Dick Sang Dixon, BEng(ME); Wan Chi Ho Hugo, BEng(ME); Ip Ka Ching Kelvin, BEng(ME); Fung Kin Ming Kelvin, BEng(CE); Chan Ching Yee Alexia, BEng(CompSc); Dhruv Yaduka, BEng(CivE); Leung Hin Wai Henry, BEng(CE); Raphaele Michelle Guillemot, BASc(Design+) & BEng(CompSc); Barbora Zvolska, MEng(EE & ME); Kwok Chak Lai, Lefinno, BEng(CompSc); Chan Chin Hung Zay, BSc(Chem); Chan Kwok Hing, Scott; BEng(ME), Zhang ShengCe, Johnson, BEng(CE); Joung SeiYoung, BASc(Design+); Kumar Tvesha Sanjay, BEng; Wong Wai Chung Alfred, BEng

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