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1-week summer school MECH0101 for secondary school students

The Department of Mechanical Engineering delivered a 1-week summer school entitled “The Fascinating World of Fluid Flows: From Airplanes to Micro-swimmers” from July 25 to July 31, where over 40 talented secondary school students with various backgrounds were participated in this event. The summer school was co-instructed by Dr. A. C. H. Tsang, Dr. C. K. Chan and Dr. C. H. Liu, covering three different timely topics in macroscopic and microscopic fluid mechanics: aerodynamics, urban flow, and microswimmers. This interactive learning experience provided students with the fundamental knowledge of fluid mechanics as well as its practical importance in different aspects of the engineering fields. This well-received course also provided the students with hands-on experiences in conducting interesting experiments of fluid mechanics and building simple engineering designs such as wind tunnels and airplanes.

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