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Srolovitz David

Chair of Materials Theory, Dean of Engineering

Professor of Mechanical Engineering



+(852) 3917 2800

+(852) 3917 2800



David Srolovitz is the author of over 500 research papers on materials theory/simulations of defects, microstructure, deformation, and film growth and has an h-index of 100 and garnered ~36,000 citations.  He is a Member of the US National Academy of Engineering, Fellow of MRS, TMS, ASM, Institute of Physics and is the winner of the MRS Materials Theory Award.  He was a staff member at Exxon Corporate Research and Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Executive Director of the Institute for High Performance Computing in Singapore.  Previously, a professor at Princeton University (department head, institute director, the University of Pennsylvania (institute director), the University of Michigan, Yeshiva University (dean), and the City University of Hong Kong (department head, institute director). He has held faculty positions in Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Research Areas

  • The structure, thermodynamics and properties of defects in materials (including grain boundaries, twins, heterophase interfaces, dislocations, point defects and surfaces), the effects of these defects on mechanical deformation, electronic/optical properties, and radiation damage.

  • New techniques for first-principles, atomistic and statistical mechanics simulations of multiphase, two-dimensional, and topological materials.

Research Projects


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