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Li L.L.J.

Chair Professor of Future Electronics

Professor, Chair of Future Electronics



+852 3910 2657

+852 3910 2657



Prof. Lain-Jong (Lance) Li joined as a Chair Professor in nanomaterials for next-generation devices. He served as a Research Director in Corporate Research at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) from 2017 to 2020.

Experiences: He received his BSc and an MSc in chemistry at National Taiwan University. He obtained his PhD in condensed matter physics at Oxford University in 2006. He was an Assistant professor in Nanyang Technological University Singapore (2006-2009). Since 2010, he has become an Associate Professor at Academia Sinica Taiwan. He joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2014 and became a full professor in 2016. He became the adjunct SHARP Professor at Univ. of New South Wales (Sydney) in 2017. He is recognized as the highly cited scholar (Clarivate) since 2018 and Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN) 1% top scientist.  He has published more than 380 SCI journal articles with around 40,000 citations.

Research interests: Two-dimensional materials (graphene, boron nitrides, transition metal dichalcogenides etc) hold promises in replacing silicon-based technology for manufacturing low-energy-consuming nanoelectronics. However, one of the major bottlenecks that prevent their seeming-less integration with current micro/nanoelectronics technologies is a lack of reproducible approach for wafer-scale synthesis of uniform, single crystalline membranes of these two-dimensional materials. His research is primarily focusing on solving these grand challenges from material and device perspectives for advancing future electronics and extending the Moore’s Law.

Research Areas

Chemical vapor deposition and tool design

Growth of low-dimensional materials

Device fabrication and integration

Next-generation electronics

Selected Publications

· Ultralow contact resistance between semimetal and monolayer semiconductors., P.-C. Shen et al., Nature (2021 accepted)

· Wafer-scale single-crystal hexagonal boron nitride monolayers on Cu (111)., Chen, T. A. Chuu,C.P., Tseng, C.C., Wen, C.K., Wong, H.S.P., Pan, S., LI, R., Chao, T.A, Chueh, WC., Zhang, YF., Fu, Q., Yakobson, B. I., Chang, W.H. & Li, L.J*  Nature  (2020) 579, 219.

· Ledge-directed epitaxy of continuous, self-aligned and monolayer TMDs nanoribbons with single crystallinity., A. Aljarb et al., Nature Materials (2020) 19, 1300.

· Two dimensional semiconducting materials: Candidates for extending Moore’s Law., M.Y. Li, S.K. Su, HS Wong* & LJ Li*, Nature (2019) 567, 169.

· Sub-nanometre channels embedded in two-dimensional materials., Han, Y., Li, M. Y., Jung, G. S., Marsalis, M. A., Qin, Z., Buehler, M. J., Li, L. J.* & Muller, D. A.* Nature Materials (2018) 17, 129.

· Strain distributions and their influence on electronic structures of WSe2-MoS2 laterally strained heterojunctions. Zhang, C., et al. Nature Nanotechnology (2018) 13, 152.

· Janus monolayers of transition metal dichalcogenides. Lu, A. Y., Zhu, H., Xiao, J., Chuu, C. P., Han, Y., Chiu, M. H., Cheng, C. C., Yang, C.-W., Wei, K.-H., Yang, Y., Wang, Y., Sokara, D., Nordlund, D., Yang, P., Muller, D. A., Chou, M.-Y., Zhang, X.* & Li, L. J.* Nature Nanotechnology  (2017) 12, 744.

· Epitaxial growth of a monolayer WSe2-MoS2 lateral p-n junction with an atomically sharp interface. Li, M. Y., Shi, Y., Cheng, C. C., Lu, L. S., Lin, Y. C., Tang, H. L., Tsai, M.-L., Chu, C.-W. Wei, K.-H., He, Jr-H., Chang, W.-H., Suenaga, K. & Li, L. J.* Science (2015) 349, 524.

· Large-Area Synthesis of Highly Crystalline WSe2 Mono layers and Device Applications., Huang, J. -K., Pu, J., Hsu, C. -L., Chiu, M. -H., Juang, Z. -Y., Chang, Y. -H. & Li, L. J.* ACS Nano (2014) 8, 923.

· Synthesis of large-area MoS2 atomic layers with chemical vapor deposition., Lee, Y. H., Zhang, X. Q., Zhang, W., Chang, M. T., Lin, C. T., Chang, K. D., Li, L.J* & Lin, T. W. Advanced Materials (2012) 24, 2320.

· Highly flexible MoS2 thin-film transistors with ion gel dielectrics. Pu, J., Yomogida, Y., Liu, K. K., Li, L. J.*, Iwasa, Y., & Takenobu, T.  Nano Letters (2012) 12, 4013.

· Growth of large-area and highly crystalline MoS2 thin layers on insulating substrates. Liu, K. K., Zhang, W., Lee, Y. H., Lin, Y. C., Chang, M. T., Su, C. Y., Chang, C.S., Li, H., Shi, Y. M., Zhang, H., Lai, C. S. & Li, L. J*. Nano Letters (2012) 12, 1538.

Research Areas

Growth of low-dimensional materials

Nanomaterials and Devices

Post-Si electronics

Research Projects


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