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Student Activities

Staff-student Interaction

Students acquire knowledge, experimental techniques and hands-on experience in lectures, tutorials and laboratories and other practical sessions. Students’ views and suggestions on these learning processes are channeled back to the Department through the academic advising system and the staff-student consultative committee.

Academic Advising

To strengthen communication between staff and students, the University has implemented an academic advising policy for all undergraduate students. Academic advising is a developmental process in which students are provided with support in clarifying their academic, career and life goals, developing plans to achieve these goals, and evaluating their own progress.

The Faculty assigns an academic advisor, who is usually a professoriate staff member, to every new intake student at the beginning of the first semester. The academic advisor and advisee are supposed to see each other at least once in a semester to discuss different academic issues.

Staff-Student Consultative Committee

When collective issues concerning the whole class need to be raised, the Staff-Student Consultative Committee provides a channel of communication between students and the Department. There are student representatives in each class to collect the views of their fellow classmates. The Staff-Student Consultative Committee is chaired by one of the student representatives, with secretarial assistance provided by a teaching staff. Numerous issues have been resolved through the mechanism.

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