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In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for high-performance structural materials for the construction of energy-efficient and lightweight structures in aerospace and automotive industries. High-performance structural materials, in general, require ultrahigh strength as well as good ductility. Strength of Materials Laboratory provides state-of-the-art equipment to test, design and fabricate high-performance structural materials. Universal testing machines with different loading capacities (2, 50 and 200 kN) equipped with low/high temperature chamber are housed in this laboratory. Strength and ductility of various structural materials can be tested at various temperatures. A MTS hydraulic fatigue machine with a loading capacity of 100 kN is also available to test the fatigue property of structural materials. This lab also houses a Quenching and Deformation Dilatometer, which can be used to study the phase transformation of metals and alloys. Deformation mode can be operated at tension and compression mode with a maximum force of 20 kN. Deformation mode is suitable to study the effect of deformation on phase transformation in metals and alloys. The heating and cooling rate of the machine can reach 100 °C per second. The highest and lowest temperate are -150 and 1600 °C, respectively.

Universal Testing Machine
Quenching & Deformation Dilatometer
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