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Studies On Resuspension Behavior Of Micron-sized Droplets


Dr. Fu Sau Chung

Research Assistant Professor
Building Energy Research Center

Date & Time

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2:00 am


Room 7-37, Haking Wong Building, HKU

Aerosol resuspension refers to the detachment process of a deposited particle from a solid surface into the surrounding air. It is of common occurrence in a diverse range of industrial and environmental processes, e.g. pneumatic transport, cleaning of electronic clips, etc. It is also considered as a secondary source of indoor air pollutants. Aerosol particles can be in the form of liquid or solid. In fact, the resuspension behaviors of solid particles and liquid droplets are not necessarily the same. A whole solid particle detaches from the surface when the removal force is sufficient, while a portion of a droplet may detach even if the removal force is nsufficient to detach the whole droplet. In this talk, the resuspension behaviors between liquid and solid aerosols from a solid surface will be compared first.  Resuspension behavior of droplet by different mechanisms including centrifugal method, turbulence flow in a wind tunnel and jet turbulence will be discussed. Finally, the effects of nanoparticles suspended inside the liquid droplet, roughness of the surface and dust settled on the surface, on droplet resuspension will be briefly covered.

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