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Self-organization of active particles and manipulation of micro/nanorobots


Dr. Changjin Wu

Post-doctoral Fellow

Department of Chemistry

(Jointed with) Hong Kong Quantum Al Lab Limited


Date & Time

Monday, 19 June 2023

5:45 am


Room 7-34/35, Haking Wong Building


In this research seminar, I will present my work on active particles and micro/nanorobots conducted

during my PhD and postdoc. The discussion will center on our investigation of active particles, which

display complex self-organization due to their mutual interactions. These particles hold potential for

applications in innovative active materials and specialized fields such as drug delivery,

environmental remediation, and photochromism display. Our research has successfully replicated

biomimetic collective dynamics of active particles, revealing unique functionalities that can be

employed for various purposes. A key part of the seminar will delve into the design of

micro/nanorobots, and the distinct controlling systems utilized to manipulate their motion. By taking

advantage of the properties of materials in constructing these robots, we have developed control

mechanisms based on light, thermal, and magnetic fields for wireless manipulation and motion

programming. Throughout the seminar, I will share examples of active particle fabrication,

micro/nanorobot design, and diverse applications. Our work contributes to the advancement of

biomimetic active systems and opens avenues for future developments in micro/nanorobots and their

applications. By understanding the underlying principles of these systems and the materials used, we

can harness their unique properties and functionalities for practical applications. Ultimately, our

research seeks to bridge the gap between natural and artificial worlds, fostering innovative solutions

for pressing challenges in fields such as medicine and environmental conservation. This research

seminar will demonstrate the potential of active particles and micro/nanorobots in addressing critical

issues, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary research in enhancing the capabilities of these


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Prof. Anderson H.C. Shum

+(852) 3917 7904

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