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Pinning Stabilization of Boolean Networks: From Topologies to Dynamics


Miss Lin Lin

PhD candidate in the Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Date & Time

Tuesday, 19 April 2022

2:45 am


Via Zoom


Boolean network (BN) is an effective formulism to depict, simulate, and analyze the ubiquitous logical phenomena in life sciences and network communication. Compared with the traditional BNs, stochastic BNs is a practicable model to demonstrate the effects of external disturbances and the changes of internal mechanism. Recently, the semi-tensor product (STP) of matrices was proposed to transform a BN into its equivalent algebraic expression. In this setup, many mature tools, such as control theory, matrix theory, and graph theory, can be utilized to systematically analyze and control the systems behaviors. Nevertheless, open issues still remain in the investigation on large-scale BNs, specially for large-scale stochastic BNs, which partly motivate this research.

Research Areas:

Robotics and Control

Contact for


Prof. J. Lam

+(852) 3917 2805

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