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Nanoimprint – A Key 21 Century Nanomanufacturing & Nanotechnology and iMOST – Nano-Enabled-Artificial Intelligence for Instant Mobile Health Test


Professor Stephen Y. Chou

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Princeton University, USA

Founder of Nanonex and Essenlix Corporation, Co-Founder of BioNano Genomics Inc

Date & Time

Monday, 26 June 2023

8:00 am


Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two, HKU

Nanotechnology is a crucial technology in the 21st century, impacting industries like semiconductors, data storage, displays, biotechnology, medicine, and security features, just to name a few. However, its full potential cannot be realised without a nanomanufacturing technology that can produce nanostructures with high throughput and low cost. Nanoimprint is one of the most promising technologies for manufacturing nanostructures due to a unique combination of attributes, including the highest resolution (0.3 nm), the smallest pitch (<10 nm), large-area (e.g. wall-paper size), high-throughput and low cost.  As the inventor of nanoimprint, the author will present his overview on the status and future of nanoimprint in research and industrialisation.

Additionally, the author will introduce iMOST (instant Mobile Self-Test), a groundbreaking technology innovation providing instant mobile self-medical-diagnostic testing that is accurate, reliable, simple to use, affordable, portable, and operable anywhere and anytime. iMOST uses a new paradigm that involves nanotechnology, advanced imaging, Nano-Enabled AI/ Machine-Learning (NEAM), and new bio/chemical processes to achieve its unique features such as fault-tolerance, one device for all, and low cost.  By replacing traditional lab tests, which are centralised, inconvenient, and require professional operation, iMOST has the potential to significantly impact the healthcare ecosystem and digital health, as well as people who currently have no access to lab tests.

About the speaker:
Stephen Y. Chou is the Joseph C. Elgin Professor at Princeton University, a member of the US National Academy of Engineering and the US National Academy of Inventors, PhD from MIT (1986), and the recipient of over 40 awards and honors. His research spans nanotechnology, bioengineering, and diagnostics, and his inventions have impacted academia and industry, creating new research fields and industries. His most famous inventions include nanoimprint, lithographically-induced-self-assembly, and single domain-patterned media. He founded Essenlix Corp. in 2013, where he invented the iMOST platform, an instant mobile self-test for health that can be performed using a single drop of body fluid and a smartphone. The platform uses innovative technologies such as Intelligent Fault Tolerant paradigm, One-Device-for-All, nano-enabled AI/machine learning (NEAM), and advanced biotechnologies.

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