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Challenges and Opportunities for Aero Engine Development in China


Dr. Jinzhang Feng

        Distinguished Professor,

            Fudan University


Date & Time

Tuesday, 9 January 2024

6:30 am


Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two G/F, Run Run Shaw Building, HKU


China is pushing forward in the development of large civil aero engines which have huge commercial potential as well as strategic values. To catch up with the western world in advanced technologies of aero engines, however, faces many technical challenges and obstacles. In this seminar we will focus our discussion on high fidelity numerical approaches in the design of major engine components as a way to overcome many of the aerodynamic and structural challenges.


Dr. Jinzhang Feng received his PhD in hydrodynamics from China Ship Scientific Research Center in 1987. He was postdoc then senior fellow at Penn State from 1988-98 before joining Pratt & Whitney as a Principal Engineer & Aerothermal Manager from 1998-2007. He then became a Principal Scientist and Fellow of Aerodynamics at the United Technologies Research Centre (UTRC) and the General Manager of UTRC China. In 2012 he joined China’s Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. Ltd (ACAE CAE) as the senior VP and its Director of Center of Design, and R&D. In 2017 he became President of ACAE CAE and the chief designer of wide-body engine programs. In 2020, he stepped down from the position but continues to serve as its special advisor. Meanwhile, he was jointly appointed as a distinguished professor of aerospace engineering in Fudan Univ. He is experienced in leading short-term intensive technical programs and long-term major technology initiatives. He has been working for many years on various critical technical challenges in contemporary aero engines, and has wide and deep impact in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and its applications. He has also made major contributions to turbomachinary design and analyses. Over the years Dr. Feng has received many prestigious awards and has been selected in many Chinese government top talent programs. In 2014 Dr. Feng was bestowed “Friendship Award”, the highest government award for an overseas expert, for his lifetime achievement.


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