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A novel control method for the frequency-varying disturbance with application to the gimbal servo system


Mr. ZHOU Changsheng (PhD candidate)

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The University of Hong Kong

Date & Time

Tuesday, 18 April 2023

2:00 am


MB-142, Main Building, HKU


As a competitive actuator for the satellite attitude control system, double gimbal variable control moment gyroscopes(DGVSCMGs) have two main working modes: CMG mode and flywheel mode. In flywheel mode, the control objective is to lock down the gimbal servo system when the high-speed rotor accelerates or decelerates. However, the position control accuracy is affected seriously by the frequency-varying disturbance resulting from the high-speed rotor and other factors. After the literature, few papers focus on the precise locking for the DGVSCMG gimbal servo system. Also, the considered disturbances are limited and the existing control methods usually are complex and challenging to implement. To reduce the influence of multiple disturbances, a composite controller based on improved proportional-integral-resonant control and disturbance observer is designed for the gimbal servo system. At last, the robustness and expected performance of the proposed method is comparatively verified through simulations and semi-physical experiments.

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Prof. J. Lam

+(852) 3917 2805

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