Design, build and drive an electric car


Mr. Nicolas Perrin

Senior Designer & Chief Engineer 
Formula 1/Formula E/Le Mans Prototype

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CPD-3.04, Centennial Campus, HKU

A team of more than 35 engineering students (mainly from Mechanical Engineering) has been formed in the university, aiming at designing and building an electric sports car meeting the specifications and requirements of Formula Electric SAE (ESAE) for participation in one of the most renowned inter-university competitions in 2020. To provide this ESAE project team with fruitful ideas on the practical aspects, processes involved and the key considerations in making an electric sports car, Mr. Nicolas Perrin will share his experience on the design, building and testing of his electric LE MANS PROTOTYPE (LMP1) car which aims at creating the fastest electric and autonomous car in the world.

Speaker Introduction:
Mr. Nicolas Perrin has worked as a Williams F1 track engineer and aerodynamicist, designer of multiple LE MANS PROTOTYPE (LMP1) World Endurance cars and also as an engineer for the NIO EP9 electric hypercar. He possesses extensive working experience in car racing championship competitions including his roles as race performance engineer and aerodynamicist in the famous Williams F1. He founded his own company PERRINN Limited in the UK and designed a complete electric LMP1 car during the period from 2011 to 2015.  His team is currently working on the “Project 424” which is the global showcase for the platform through the design, development and manufacturing of a unique machine using publicly accessible open-access designs. 

Research Areas:

Additive Manufacturing & Design

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Dr. C.K. Chan

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