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Two ME teams won the InnoShow Award at the 5th Engineering InnoShow, HKU

Organised by Innovation Academy, the Engineering InnoShow were scheduled to be held at the end of each semester, and where students can showcase their innovative projects and achievements to their peers and public as a way of knowledge exchange and giving back to the society.

The firth Engineering InnoShow "Ready to take flight” showcased a number of innovative Engineering student projects at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing on November 30, 2021, where engineering students demonstrate their project to the judges.

A total of 36 innovative student projects from 5 departments and InnoHub members were showcased in the event, and five student teams were selected as the winner of the InnoShow Award. The InnoShow Award is to encourage students to develop innovative mindset in tackling engineering and social problems, and to support outstanding ideas to join international design competitions, the Dean’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund will appropriate an amount of HK$100K to support a maximum of five student teams participated in the InnoShow to take part in international design competitions.

Two of the winning teams are from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which are (1) Development of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) with Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Package Delivery and (2) Design, Build & Fly (DBF) 2022

Development of Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) with Unmanned Ground Vehicle for Package Delivery

This project is developed by five final year Mechanical Engineering students and the HKU UAS team. The project is supervised by Dr. Fu Zhang, Assistant Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The project aims to join the AUVSI SUAS 2022 competition, an international Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) competition with over 70 teams hosted in Maryland, U.S.A. Teams are required to design a UAS capable of autonomous flight, obstacle avoidance, object detection, classification and localization, air dropping an unmanned ground vehicle for package delivery as well as mapping. Developing UAS has a vast amount of applications, including providing humanitarian aid, surveillance, 3D scanning and reconstruction, mapping, package delivery and much more. With the emerging drone technology, HKU UAS hopes to build a community of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) enthusiasts where students can learn and exchange ideas together, foster interest, and eventually participate in competitions and UAV research in the near future.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr. Fu Zhang

Project Leader: Tiquia Gershom Joel S., GJ

Capstone Team Members: Sze Long Ho, York, Leung Kin Long, Tom, Sze Cheuk Man, Joe and Lau Chung Yam, Ivan

HKU UAS Team Members: Aggarwak Aditya, Mayukhraj Ray, Aman Kaya, Tong Ho Long, Ip Cheuk Wun Justus, Rakshan Sharma, Yuvraj Jeenendra Bhandari, Liu Ziyi, Yu Xinyue, Leung Hin Wai, Leung King To, Chuk Tin Yau Christal, Zhang Chenwei, Chan Chun Yin Edwin, Leung Pak Hong, Law Siu Shing, Li Chi Shing, Cheung Chun Ho, Mong Cheuk Yin, Chin Ming Sum, Lee Sin Pun

Design, Build & Fly (DBF) 2022

Design, Build & Fly (DBF) is a regular capstone design project under the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. In the past five years, DBF teams from HKU have participated in various competitions around the world. For this academic year, DBF Team will once again participate in the American Institute of Aeronautics (AIAA) Design/Build/Fly Competition and the British Model Flying Association 2022 University and Schools Flight Challenges. For AIAA Team, they should demonstrate the capability to carry and remotely deploy vaccine vial packages. While the vaccine vial packages are mounted with extremely sensitive shock sensors, the team must design an aircraft with superb shock-absorbing mechanism. For BMFA Team, a highest payload to aircraft weight ratio are targeted. With the mission to carry 4kg of water, the team is designing the lightest aircraft to win the competition. Both teams are expected to go through the process of designing, manufacturing prototypes, testing, redesigning and competing with other international teams over the globe. With the design within these two competitions, the group can come across with real life design problems and issue, gaining valuable experience for the future industry.

Team Information:

Supervisor: Dr. CK Chan

Moderator: Dr. Match WL Ko

Project Leader: Pang Chi Hin (AIAA), Wan Po Ching (BMFA)

Team Member: AIAA: Cheng Hoi Shun, Cheung Hoi Yin Haydn, Choi Wang Hei, Tsang Hin Mong Max, Tsui Sau Ying, Yeung Sin Chik; BMFA: Cheung Yan, Fung Man Shun, Han Ruqi, Sze Wing Kit, Wong Cheuk Chi

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