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Two ME teams won Awards at the 6th Engineering InnoShow, HKU

Organised by Innovation Academy, the Engineering InnoShow were scheduled to be held at the end of each semester, and where students can showcase their innovative projects and achievements to their peers and public as a way of knowledge exchange and giving back to the society.

The sixth Engineering InnoShow "Innovation Unbounded" showcased a number of innovative Engineering student projects at Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing on May 31, 2022, where engineering students demonstrate their project to the judges.

A total of 28 innovative student projects from 5 departments and InnoHub members were showcased in the event, five student teams were selected as the winner of the InnoShow Award and one student team was selected as the winner of Super Good Job Project Award. The InnoShow Award was selected by a professional judging team and is aimed to encourage students to develop innovative mindset in tackling engineering and social problems, and to support outstanding ideas to join international design competitions. The Dean’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund will appropriate an amount of HK$100K to support a maximum of five student teams participated in the InnoShow to take part in international design competitions. Super Good Job Project Award was selected by voting by all participants.

Two of the winning teams are from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which are,

(1) Cake decorating using 3D printer – winner of InnoShow Award

(2) Development of RAI: DoggiE - BREED's first quadruped robot – winner of Super Good Job Project Award

Design and Manufacture Cake Decoration using the 3D printer for decorating the top and sidewall of the cake

This project was developed by five final year Mechanical Engineering students. The project was supervised by Dr M.M.Y. Choy, Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The main objective of the project was to design, build and modify a 3D printer to decorate the top surface and sidewall of the cake according to the user input. This was achieved by designing and fabricating two types of extruders. Syringe food paste extruder for decorating the top surface of the cake by using Chocolate icing and Nutella. Hot-melt extruder for decorating sidewall of the cake print 3D chocolate models made out of compound chocolate. Cake decorating is an art that takes years of culinary practice to achieve. This project contributes to helping amateur bakers and pastry chefs to print faster, more accurate and more complex designs in form of 2D food paste and 3D chocolate models to decorate the top and sidewall of cake to save time and money.

This project team was selected for the Inno Show award at the 6th Inno Show. This team has received HK$20,000 sponsorship to participate in international design competition(s) and consumables expenses to support further development of the project.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr M.M.Y. Choy

Moderator: Dr Match WL Ko

Project Leader: Kishoth Padmanabhan (ME)

Team members: Tam Chun Fai (ME), Lui Wing Ming (ME), Tam Ho Kai (ME), Ng Hon Fai (ME).

Development of RAI: DoggiE - BREED's first quadruped robot

DoggiE is BREED HKU's second addition to its family of bio-inspired robots, following the Guinness record-breaking fish. The development team behind DoggiE comprises of five engineering students from diverse backgrounds, each utilizing their expertise throughout the development process. The project is supervised by Dr. Match Ko, Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Innovation Academy. The project was inspired by the strength and agility of four-legged organisms in nature, to develop HKU's very own industrial-graded quadruped robot. Currently in its second prototype stage, the robo-dog is aimed to achieve feats like sprinting, climbing stairs/slopes autonomously and fetch physical objects in the near future. Eventually, the robo-dog shoots to become a mobile super-computer capable of traversing wild terrains, as a platform for future clients to implement versatile features like lidar mapping, rescue protocols, maintenance, information retrieval, etc.

With much gratitude towards Innovation Wing's and the Faculty of Engineering's support, BREED HKU aims to promote the spirit of design thinking and rapid prototyping throughout the development journey of DoggiE, for passionate engineering students across different majors to brainstorm and collaborate, research and develop the newest technological innovations in the market, and engage in hands-on experiences as an empathetic engineer to solve societal difficulties.

This project team won the most votes from participants as the Best Project in the 6th Inno Show and was awarded the Super “GOOD JOB!” Project Award.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr. Match WL Ko

Project Leader: Lam Cheuk Yin Bryan (CivE III)

Team members: Ryan Chan (ME V), Lucas Cheung (ME V), Kelvin Fung (CE II), Shaheer Ziya (BEng I), Masood Ahmed (CS II)

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