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The HKIE Innovation Award 2021 (Young Member Group)

Grand Prize (Category I - An Invention)

Project title: “SNAPP” – The Search and Rescue (SAR) robotic fish

Executive Committee: Muhammad Saad Shahid Anwel (President) (Department of Mechanical Engineering), Taha Abid, Le Chi Lim, Pawan Raskoti

Project supervisor: Dr Zhang Fu

The “SNAPP” robotic fish currently holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest 50m swim by a robotic fish in 22.92s or at 2.18 m/s (meters per second). With their previous success, the team is now turning its goal to solve real-world problems such as data collection for marine exploration and pollution monitoring. It can be used to collect water data such as temperature, pH, etc. and also for real-time mapping and monitoring of specimens in the environment such as coral reefs, microplastics, etc.

For more information about the project, please visit:

For news about the world fastest robotic fish, please visit:

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