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Quantum-precision printing: HKU Engineering makes a breakthrough in the integration of diamond quant

Nanodiamonds hosting nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers have emerged as a key element for quantum information processing, quantum computing, quantum optics, and quantum sensing. However, the fundamental and technological challenges associated with the placement of individual nanodiamonds on a circuit remains unresolved.

Collaborative research led by Dr. Ji Tae Kim (Mechanical Engineering) and by Dr. Zhiqin Chu (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) develops a quantum-precision nanoprinting method that can place NV centers directly on the substrate. The method demonstrates (1) sub-wavelength positional accuracy, (2) single-particle-level quantity control, and (3) freeform patterning capability, which have previously been unseen in other existing techniques. The result would lower the technological barriers required for the practical realization of solid-state quantum devices in many exciting areas. This work entitled “On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level” has been published in the top multidisciplinary journal, Advanced Science, and selected as Back Cover Article. A US patent has currently been filed.


On-Demand, Direct Printing of Nanodiamonds at the Quantum Level

Zhaoyi Xu, Lingzhi Wang, Xiao Huan, Heekwon Lee, Jihyuk Yang, Zhiwen Zhou, Mojun Chen, Shiqi Hu, Yu Liu, Shien-Ping Feng, Tongtong Zhang, Feng Xu, Zhiqin Chu, Ji Tae Kim, Advanced Science 9, 2103598 (2022).

(left) Dr. Zhiqin Chu (EEE), (right) Dr. Ji Tae Kim (ME)



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