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News: Recent events at Inno Wing Two & Innovation Academy

Inno Wing Two TechTalks

TechTalk is a series of forums and dialogues given by Engineering researchers of diverse academic backgrounds to share their insights on innovation-related topics.

Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing Two arranged nine TechTalks in March and April 2024 in hybrid mode. Here is the recap of the talks:


Date: March 14, 2024

Topic: The World at the Microscale: From Swimming Microorganisms to Artificial Microrobots

Speaker: Professor Alan Cheng Hou Tsang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU

Date: March 28, 2024

Topic: UAV Navigation and Mapping with Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Sensors

Speaker: Professor Fu Zhang, Department of Mechanical Engineering, HKU

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