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Inauguration of the Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences

Dr Kevin Tsia (1st from left in top row), Professor Edmund Lam (2nd from left in middle row) and Dr Anderson Shum (6th from left in the middle row) are the founding members of The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences.

The Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences (YASHK), a chapter of The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences (ASHK), was inaugurated on June 9, 2019 at an ceremony officiated by Mrs Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The YASHK leverages on ASHK’s established strengths and network with the academic, industrial and public sectors by capitalising on its academic excellence and tying in with the region’s development needs.

The thirty-one founding members are all young elites coming from various fields of science and technology including mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology. Professor Edmund Lam and Dr Kevin Tsia of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Dr Anderson Shum of Department of Mechanical Engineering are the founding members of the Academy. They will join hands with other members in advancing science and inspiring innovation for young people.

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