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IMechE The Greater China Design Competition 2023

This year the challenge is to design, build and test a device to simulate a line launcher. At a random range from 2m to 6m, a full launch sequence involves delivering three balls to three targets at different heights within 2 minutes. The balls are attached to the launcher through its approximate center to a line of 8m. The launch sequence must be triggered using a remote switch. When pressed, the device must independently energize the launching mechanism and set the elevation for the correct trajectory to hit the chosen target. Such a device can be used to fire a rope from one ship to another at sea, or for various other rescue scenarios. For instance, delivering a line to a high-rise building, or pulling a zip line over a divide.

The competition was arranged in the Innowing center of HKU for local participants and online with participants from mainland China. All participants are required to present and demonstrate their design and share through the internet. On 2023 March 25, our team joined the competition. Through the competition, our team exchanged our design ideas and experience with other teams and learned a lot about different approaches to resolve the practical engineering problem.

Our team consists of two members: Mr. Vyshnav Shabu Nair (team leader) and Mr. Iu Hei Pang. They were working from 2022 Sep to 2023 March to design and build an automatic line launcher. Our team resolved the problem with the engineering approach. Different types of design were evaluated and compared, and a simple 2-rollers shooting mechanism was adopted by the end. To improve the accuracy and reliability, our team also study the potential of using image recognition for the direction control. The team members have experienced a hard year and fight up to the last minute. Fortunately, our machine can achieve its design expectation and win the championship honorably.

Setting up the launcher during the competition.

Photo of the team (Championship)

Certificate of participation

Photo of all participants

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