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HKU ME achieving "world-leading" results in RAE 2020

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) was conducted by Hong Kong's University Grants Committee (UGC) in 2020.

The research performance of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) has been assessed using international benchmarks based on the research output, impact and environment. Overall, the Unit of Assessment (UoA) that consists of members from HKU Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Manufacturing Systems Engineering has received the highest percentage of world-leading standard (4*) among the UGC-funded universities. In particular, our research environment has received 100% 4* rating, the best among all universities in the same UoA. Our UoA is also rated co-first in terms of the highest percentage of world-leading (4*) research outputs. These results constitute a significant improvement from the last exercise, and highlight the conducive environment HKU Mechanical Engineering offers for producing world-leading research with vitality and sustainability. Building on our strengths in multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach, our Department will continue to conduct research that will lead to original, significant and rigorous research outputs, as well as far-reaching and significant impact to our society.

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