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Dr. Wei LI and Dr. Ye TIAN received Microfluidic Award 2022

Dr. Wei LI and Dr. Ye TIAN received the FLUIGENT Microfluidic Award 2022 in the category of New PhD researchers for their outstanding contributions on “Photopyroelectric microfluidics” (published in Science Advances) and “Microfluidic Fabrication of Bioinspired Microfibers” (published in Nature Communications), respectively. Both Dr. Wei LI and Dr. Ye TIAN completed their PhD studies under Prof. L. Q. Wang’s supervision, in August 2021 and August 2018, respectively. The Award, sponsored by FLUIGENT, is to honor outstanding works on microfluidics that not only involve cutting-edge academic innovation, but also have a high prospect of industrial transformation and application. There are only two winners in this category, both from Prof. L. Q. Wang’s group.

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