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Direct Thermal Charging Cell for Waste Heat to Electricity Conversion

In terms of the quality of knowledge, the project was an exciting and unique invention with enormous potential for practical applications in the longer term. Dr Shien Ping Tony FENG and team members (Dr Yu Ting HUANG, Miss Xun WANG, Miss Kaiyu MU, Miss Xinya WU, Mr Chunlin PANG) have partnered with esteemed academic institution, such as MIT, and produced high-quality research outputs. Their works have been published in top academic journals, such as Nature Communications and Science.

Despite being in the early stage, Dr Feng’s team has begun to develop impact, and demonstrated the project potentials with substantial engagement locally and internationally. The inventions had received awards in Hong Kong, and the team was also invited to attend the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva to be held in 2021. They have also participated in various roadshows in the Greater Bay Area and reached out to the Middle East region. The team has demonstrated active engagement with the community, and had wide media exposure. The project achievement was gained in a short period of time, and it is believed that the team was on the right track as a start-up with a structured implementation plan for the delivery of the DTCC project.

"Source: Ad Hoc Faculty KE Award Selection Committee"

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