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Design and manufacture Beach cleaning robot

This project was developed by four final year Mechanical Engineering students as the capstone project. The project was supervised by Dr M.M.Y. Choy, lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The main objective of the project is to design and build a beach cleaning robot that can traverse and pick up rubbish from the beach. The machine is mechanically divided into two parts, the chassis and the trash intake and storage system. The tracked chassis provides mobility for the beach cleaning robot to traverse different terrain while the trash intake system can dig out rubbish from the sand and store it in the storage mechanism. This robot uses ROS to control the movement of the robot, user can control it remotely using a remote controller. This project has the potential to address the problem of marine littering by automating the labor-intensive work of beach cleaning.

Team information:

Supervisor: Dr M.M.Y. Choy

Moderator: Dr Match WL Ko

Project leader: Lam Pak Hei BEng (ME) 

Team member(s): Chan Pak Hei BEng (ME), Lam Tsz Long BEng (ME), Suen Yik Yu BEng (ME)

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