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Best poster paper at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2019

The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) is a premier international forum in the field of robotics. It is the flagship conference held by IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. In every year, researchers from the world-renowned institutes present their cutting-edge works here. The ICRA 2019 was held from May 20 to May 24, 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

In ICRA 2019, Dr. Ka-Wai Kwok’s group involving four ME RPg students: Ziyang Dong, Xiaomei Wang, Zhuoliang He, Justin D.L. Ho, one ME undergraduate student: Yufu Tao (ME, HKU), and two research fellows: Wai Lun Tang (ME, HKU), Dr. Alex Lee (PWH, CUHK). The group delivered a presentation in the ICRA 2019 workshop on Surgical Robotics, in regards of an autonomous motion control algorithm and its experimental validations of a robotic catheter system for intra-cardiac electrophysiological (EP) intervention, which is an effective treatment for heart rhythm disorders.

In the workshop, researchers presented their new control algorithms, encountering new challenges for surgical robotic systems. There were only two awards elected by the invited speakers who are the world-renowned researchers either from university or industry, such as Stanford University, Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard Medical School, Auris Health Inc. Finally, the HKU group was awarded for the Best Poster Paper (2nd Place) out of 26 papers on 23 May 2019. The award is sponsored by Intuitive Surgical Inc.

(The website of ICRA 2019 workshop Open Challenges and State-of-the-Art in Control System Design and Technology Development for Surgical Robotic Systems:

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