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3D printed nanopixels: finer, brighter, and smarter

Obtaining both ultra-high-resolution and high-brightness is a long-cherished wish in the display industry. However, downsizing display pixels loses their brightness, which remains a longstanding issue.

Recently, postdoc fellow Dr. Mojun Chen and a team led by Dr. Ji Tae Kim ( from HKU Mechanical Engineering reported nanoscale 3D printing of perovskite color pixels. The developed 3D printing method offers outstanding lateral pixel dimensions such as a diameter of 550 nm and a pitch of 1.3 µm provide the potential to realize ultra-high-resolution displays (pixel density > 19,500 ppi). Furthermore, on-demand control of the vertical pixel dimension enables remarkable achievements that are not attainable by any other approaches: (1) enhancement and balancing of pixel brightness (tens of times brighter than a thin-film pixel) and (2) data encryption into pixel height for multi-level anticounterfeiting. The researchers expect this 3D printing method to be capable of manufacturing high-performance, customized nano-displays.

This work entitled “Three-Dimensional Perovskite Nanopixels for Ultra-High-Resolution Color Displays and Multi-Level Anticounterfeiting” has recently been published in Nano Letters. (

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