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1+1 Radio Control Model Airplane Flying Experience Camp (Indoor and outdoor)

Organised by HKU Mechanical Engineering department, Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing and Hong Kong Model Engineering Club (HKMEC), the 1+1 Radio Control Model Airplane Flying Experience Camp was held on 9 August, 2022 and 18 August, 2022

In this two-day camp, students from secondary takes the chance to learn RC plane build and flying. We successfully promoted the energy of the engineering faculty and exchange our knowledge with the participants.

Day #1: Indoor RC flying- Round the pole flying

In this activity, each team are required to build a powered foam RC airplane based on our standard design. By the end, there will be a competition among all the teams. The scores are evaluated by the skill of taking off, time taken to explode all the balloon and the landing skill.

By the end of the competition, the best 4 teams will be selected for the 2nd day camp.

Day #2: Outdoor RC flying experience

There were four activities:.

1) Outdoor RC plane (Master-Slave) flight experience: During the flight operation, students are allowed to control the throttle and elevator under the instruction of the coach. The coach can take over the control at any moment to avoid any foreseeable dangerous. The flight performance will be recorded.

RC plane take off

2) Flight simulator: Students can do practice during waiting for the real RC plane flight experience. The flight performance will be recorded.

3) RC Model airplane exhibition and flight demonstration: As the day camp was postponed, only one members of HKMEC exhibited his helicopter to the participants. He introduced his helicopter and demonstrate the flight operation for the participants.

HKMEC member (Mr. Chan) introduce his helicopter

HKMEC member (Mr. Chan) answer questions from students

Flight demonstration

4) Ground taxiing practice: One RC plane will be set in the helicopter field for students to try ground taxiing. The performance will be recorded.

By the end of the camp, two teachers from the secondary schools told us that their students feel a lot of interest and asked us whether we can help them to set up a Design, Build and Fly team at their school.

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