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Wu Changjin

Research Assistant Professor


+(852) 28591172

Dr. Changjin Wu is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). He received his PhD in Chemistry from HKU in 2021. After PhD, he did Postdoc in the same department under the supervision of Prof. Jinyao Tang. Dr. Wu is establishing his research group in synergy with the Microfluidics and Soft matter group led by Prof. Anderson Shum in the Department of Mechanical engineering at HKU. One of the primary research interests of Dr. Wu is the design of micro/nanorobots based on active colloids. Dr. Wu has successfully developed a variety of synthesized active particles capable of wirelessly programmable motion under diverse external fields, such as light, magnetic fields, and heat. These tiny robots can perform precisely controlled behaviors and can accomplish on-demand tasks with remote manipulation, making them highly promising for biomedical applications, including targeted drug delivery and noninvasive diagnosis and therapy. Dr. Wu is also interested in the phase segregation and self-organized swarming behaviors of active matters, which are identified as ideal model systems for exploring living collective behaviors in nature and nonequilibrium physics.

Research Areas

Active colloids


targeted drug delivery

noninvasive diagnosis and therapy

self-organized collective behaviors

Research Projects


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