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Rong Y.

Honorary Professor


HW 5-16

Yiming Rong received Ph.D degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky in December 1989. Before returning to China,he was  a tenured professor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute(WPI), and was voted “John W. Higgins Professor of WPI”  due to his outstanding contribution to scientific research . He is the Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers(ASME Fellow ).

From 2010 to 2015, Prof. Rong was  a Professor of mechanical engineering at Tsinghua University. His research area includes precision machining technology, modeling and simulation of metal materials processing, production planning and tooling technology for optimization and manufacturing system. He has presided over 50 scientific research projects, funded by the National Science Foundation, the Air Force Basic Research, the Department of Energy and other federal agencies and major manufacturing companies (GM, Ford, Caterpillar, P&W, GE, Ingersoll, etc.). He has presided(joined) over 10 major scientific research projects which are from Natural Science Foundation of China,  973 Project, 863 Project, National Major Projects, Industrial cooperation projects etc. He has published two academic books, more than three hundred technical papers and has17 patents, etc..

Research Areas

precision machining technology; Mechanism of micro removal;
modeling simulation and optimization of metal materials processing: Multi- field coupling, whole process chain coupling;
Manufacturing systems: visualization technology, concurrent engineering, multi-system integration; 3D tolerance analysis, quality control, lean manufacturing and CAPP; production line planning and tooling technology

Research Projects


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