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Pattamatta Subrahmanyam (Subbu)

Research Assistant Professor


+(852) 51211075

Dr. Subrahmanyam (Subbu) Pattamatta obtained his PhD degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics with specialization in Solid Mechanics from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis USA.

He moved to Hong Kong to work in the research group of Professor David Srolovitz and is currently a Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Hong Kong since September 2022.

He specializes in computational mechanics, materials science and high performance computing. Apart from research, his general interest is teaching.

He is currently involved in several projects: (i) Stress induced phase transformations in solids, (ii) Mechanistic origins of strength and toughness (iii) Correcting electron de-localization errors in density functional theory and (iv) Hysteresis and reversibility in Martensitic phase transformations.

Research Areas

Stability, bifurcation theory and numerical continuation applied to atomistic systems

Continuum thermodynamics of phase transformations in solids

Artificial intelligence accelerated discovery of alloys with targeted properties

Research Projects


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