From  : Professor D.Y.C. Leung, Head of Department

To       : All academic Staff, GO Staff, Technical Staff, Administration Assistant, Engineering Manager

URL    : /igreimbursement


Petty Cash reimbursement is applicable to any single purchase/ receipt with the amount not exceeding HK$800. All petty cash claimants should read the Guidelines for Petty Cash Reimbursement in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 carefully and follow the instructions accordingly.


REIMBUREMENT – Forms or i-Expense Module

For any single purchase/ receipt with the amount exceeding HK$800 or official entertainment expenses, claimants must reimburse in claim forms (for students) or in i-Expense Module (for staff). Students may download the forms in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 and submit to our General Office. Staff may access the i-Expense Module through your own HKU portal account.

REIMBUREMENT – Equipment/ inventory items


Both Staff and students should reimburse equipment/ inventory items in claim form [Payment/Reimbursement (Except Overseas Travelling Expenses)] and submit it to our General Office for processing. The claimant may download this form in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2019 or FEO intranet Homepage.



Revised in Oct 2019.