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From  : Professor M.X. Huang, Head of Department

To       : All academic Staff, GO Staff, Technical Staff, Administration Assistant, Engineering Manager

URL    : /igreimbursement


Petty Cash reimbursement is applicable to any single purchase/ receipt with the amount not exceeding HK$800. All petty cash claimants should read the Guidelines for Petty Cash Reimbursement in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2022 carefully and follow the instructions accordingly.

Please note that claiming of Petty Cash will be processed for the expenses for UG and MSc projects ONLY w.e.f. July 1, 2022. Staff and Students are requested to do the reimbursement for other claims via i-Expense Module or by submitting reimbursement form.


REIMBUREMENT – Forms or i-Expense Module

For any single purchase/ receipt with the amount exceeding HK$800 or official entertainment expenses, claimants must reimburse in claim forms (for students) or in i-Expense Module (for staff). Students may download the forms in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2022 and submit to our General Office. Staff may access the i-Expense Module through your own HKU portal account.

REIMBUREMENT – Equipment/ inventory items


Both Staff and students should reimburse equipment/ inventory items in claim form [Payment/Reimbursement (Except Overseas Travelling Expenses)] and submit it to our General Office for processing. The claimant may download this form in the moodle_PETTYCASH_REIMBURSEMENT_2022 or FEO intranet Homepage.



Revised in July 2022.

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