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From  : Professor M.X. Huang, Head of Department
To       : Everyone
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This is the department policy on reimbursement claim. Student means undergraduate, Taught postgraduate and Research Postgraduate. Staff means HKU employer. Honorary staff and visiting staff cannot claim reimbursement from our department. According to the cost limit set by FEO, the amount of the reimbursement claim for a single item should not be more than HKD$30,000.

Reimbursement claim by “i-Expense Module”

Staff who wish to claim reimbursement for services and items that are not treated as inventory items by FEO can use this method. They need to log in to HKU portal account and access “i-Expense Module” (Main Menu > Manager Self Service > Finance & Enterprises Office > Fin Func of Oracle Sys (FFOS)). There, they can enter the details of the items they want to claim. Then, they should properly prepare the original copy of receipts (*) and send them to the General Office for processing. Students who wish to claim reimbursement should use “Claim Form” below.

Reimbursement claim by “Claim Form”

Both Staff and students can use “Claim Forms” to claim reimbursement for any services and items. The claimant can download in or FEO intranet Homepage in . Claimant should

  • enter the details of the items they want to claim in “Claim Form”;

  • obtain the account code from the account holder;

  • obtain the signature of the account holder on the “Claim Form”;

  • prepare all the original receipts and payment record properly. (*)


and submit them to our General Office for processing. For safety and inventory management reasons, without prior approval from Technical Staff or Engineering Manager, administrative staff will not process the reimbursement of the following items.

  • 3D printers

  • A.V. equipment, projector, video camera, digital camera

  • Boiler, Pressure vessel/cylinder, Air compressor, Air receiver, Autoclave

  • Micro-organism and pharmaceutical drug

  • Chemicals

  • Container, which may be used as a cryogenic container.

  • Deposit (not-claimable)

  • Electrical cord extension and electrical adaptors (not-claimable if that’s not regulated by HK Gov)

  • Equipment which emits, Laser, UV

  • Furniture

  • Gaseous cylinders

  • Hoist

  • I.T. equipment, which may be considered as an inventory by FEO, such as monitor, printer, notebook and tablet, router, data switch, mobile phones.

  • Renovation services

Staff and students who wish to do Business Travel Expenses Claim and Local traveling Expenses Claim, please visit for guideline.

(*) Claimant should carefully read the page in  for the guideline of preparing receipt.


Revised in March 2024

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