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From      : Prof. M.X. Huang, Head of Department

To           : All research staff and RPG students

URL        :

To reduce the accumulation of unclaimed mails which burden all of you in looking for your own ones, the following measures will be implemented:

  1. With effect from Jan 2017, incoming mails will be marked with numbers which indicate the particular month they are received (1 for Jan, 2 for Feb, etc.). Existing unclaimed mails will be marked with 12 which stands for Dec.

  2. With effect from Feb 2017 and on the first working day of each month, mails arrived the Department for more than a month thru the Post Office will be returned to the Post Office. Mails not received from the Post Office ("other mails") with return addresses on the envelops will also be returned to their senders.

  3. Further to [2], other mails without return addresses will be removed from the mail cabinet and kept inside the Departmental Office. If they remain unclaimed up to 2 months, they will be disposed of with other confidential documents.

  4. Notwithstanding [3], you can sign on a form when you are about to leave to authorize the Department to open your mails mentioned in [3] and handle them in the appropriate way deemed by the Department. However, this service will only be provided up to 12 months from your departure date. On the other hand, we strongly encourage you to ask your peers to take care of your mails.


Last but not the least, please check the mail box not less than once a month and avoid using Department address as your correspondence address whenever possible.

Created and revised in July 2017.

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