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Re          : IT Duties of Technical Staff

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Mr. CHAN Chi Chiu (x.2616,

  • man door lock servers


Mr. CHAN Chi Kin (x.2643,

  • support PC users in CB LG-1


Mr. CHAN Wing Keung (x.2620,

  • man CCTV server for HWG/F


Mr. CHAU Kam Leung (x.2617,

  • support PC users in CB LG-2


Mr. CHAN King Ming (x.2619,

  • support PC users in HW 1/F

  • support PC users in Department Office and HW7-37


Mr. KWOK Kin Pong (x.2824,

  • support PC users in Yam Pak Bldg.


Mr. Lee Kar Wah (x.2644,

  • support PC users in HW 2/F

  • maintain and update departmental webpages


Mr. Yeung Wai Kit (x.2795,

  • support other technical staff in their IT duties, if necessary

  • support all other PC users

  • man CCTV server for HW7/F

  • support video/web-conferencing (for interviews, thesis examinations, etc.)


If you cannot contact the technical staff assigned to your location, please approach Mr. CHAN Chi Kin.

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