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Guided Electives

The field of Mechanical Engineering is broad and involves studies at the fundamental scientific level as well as frontier of technology. To assist students in planning their career, ‘guided electives’ – recommended combinations of courses appropriate for widely chosen areas within Mechanical Engineering are listed here.

Guided Electives on

Biomedical Engineering

In recent years, integrating knowledge from the fields of engineering and life sciences has received increasing attention both in academia and industry. To prepare our graduates with the appropriate analyzing and problem solving skills in this emerging area, the Mechanical Engineering Department offers a list of guided electives in Biomedical Engineering. Students interested in mechanical phenomena in biological systems at various levels, e.g. molecular, cellular or tissue engineering aspect, are encouraged to select these electives.

MEDE4602  Molecular and cellular biomechanics (6 credits)
MEDE4603  Transport phenomena in biological systems (6 credits)
MEDE4604  Cell and tissue engineering (6 credits)
MEDE4605  Biomaterials design and applications (6 credits, for students admitted in the academic year 2015-2016 and thereafter)

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