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The department supports two laboratories in the teaching and research activities of fluid mechanics. The undergraduate teaching laboratory is equipped with several flow benches which demonstrate the principles of jets, open channel hydraulics, pipe flows, turbines and water hammer phenomena. These experiments will illustrate the basic principles of fluid mechanics taught in lectures.

For advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students, there are facilities in enhancing the learning of compressible and viscous flows. In the former, a small scale wind tunnel has been procured, while for the latter, the vertical motion of small metallic spheres in the low Reynolds number regime can be studied via the Stokes’ law.

For research purposes, there is a wave channel where surface gravity waves can be measured and studied. A computer controlled wave maker can generate waves of prescribed properties with good precision. Advanced optoelectronic equipment like laser Doppler velocimetry and particle image velocimetry devices are available. A high speed camera set provides another auxiliary accessory.

Computer hardware and software for works in computational fluid dynamics are housed in the CAD / CAM laboratories.

Micro Patterning

Droplet High throughput screening platform

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