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The energy conversion and sensor laboratory is a young and energetic research lab in HKU. Our research focus covers novel applications flexible sensors, wearable electronics and thermal management of these devices. Instead of using conventional inorganic semiconductors, our team is more concentrated on the organic based materials for transistors including both small molecular weight or polymer based semiconductors. We believe there are still a lot of questions remain to answer on these soft materials especially. To achieve the desired electrical and mechanical properties, every single layer in the device from the substrate, dielectric insulator, semiconductor active layer and electrodes, all require specific treatment process. From new device fabrication to the failure mechanisms, every single element would enhance the performance and reliability of these novel devices would be the interests of our research team.

Since our research interests are highly interdisciplinary and covering areas from fundamental physics to device fabrications, we welcome students with different backgrounds in engineering, material science, applied physics or other related areas to join our group.

Cryogenic probe station for low temperature device characterizations
Experimental setting of the 3-w (omega) thin thermal conductivity measurements in organic thin films
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