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The Building Services Laboratory is equipped with a variety of advanced and general-purpose instruments and equipment for supporting the teaching and research activities in the different areas of building services engineering, including air conditioning and ventilation, fire engineering, lighting engineering, building automation, plumbing and drainage, and energy conversion and efficiency etc.

A unique full-scale test chamber is built and decorated for modelling various indoor environments, such as SARS wards configuration, for investigations on innovative ventilation principles. Other model setups are also built to resemble other indoor or outdoor environments for studying particulate dispersion and heat dissipation, e.g. the passenger cabin of an airplane or heat island effect of densely populated cities. IAQ measuring instruments are available for measurement of VOCs, particulate matters and airborne micro-organisms. The laboratory is also equipped with a Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer spectrometer and an Aerodynamic Particle Sizer spectrometer for in-depth investigation of particle size distribution.

The laboratory is also equipped with experimental rigs for conducting experiments in HVAC, fire, and plumbing and drainage at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Experimental rigs are designed and built for investigating the thermal performances of fire sprinklers and detectors.  A water to water heat pump shower tray combination rig is developed to study on the heat recovery and energy saving opportunities for showers.  A drainage rig is built to demonstrate the working principle and operation of an innovative drainage trap. Infrared cameras, thermal comfort meter, heat stress monitor are available for total thermal environmental measurements. An experimental water cooling tower is also available for studying the dissipation of chiller condenser heat under different outdoor weather conditions.

A water tank model for studying a heat dome in cities


A water tank model for studying a heat dome in cities


A breathing thermal manikin for studying disease spread and its control

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